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Hello, my name is Tom Olsinski. I hope you will enjoy reading what I write and perhaps understand my motivations. I would enjoy hearing your thoughts as well!

We have included sections of my interests to share with you, which will be updated.




A masked man shoots up a packed church where the pastor and parishioners perish. Former detective Harry Powell shoots the assailant causing him to flee. When authorities settle on an unlikely suspect, church leaders are skeptical. Concerned that other attacks may come, they hire Powell to partner with ex-nun Maggie O’Connor to investigate. The agnostic gun-wielding Powell and the peace-loving O’Connor must overcome their disparities to solve the case. The partners unravel a complex murderous plot to cover up a revengeful criminal conspiracy, and link to a global sex trafficking ring. In an unexpected twist, they expose a catastrophic plot to destroy cathedrals in America. To stop this threat, Powell and O’Connor become targets themselves and collaborate with a clandestine militia and go on the offensive. They experience love and redemption while seeking to solve the surprising subterfuge.



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Pegasus Books has just released my new novel, When Killers Collide. Please look in Tom’s Books on this website menu where you can read a summary. See the tab where you can read the prologue of my new novel.  CLICK THE BUY NOW TAB IN THE LEFT MARGIN AND YOUR BOOK WILL BE AUTOGRAPHED BY TOM! 


I was born Manhattan because my dad preferred the hospitals there to the ones in Queens, where we lived. It’s all part of New York City and I grew up in Jackson Heights, went to school in the Bronx and worked in Brooklyn. All the NYC boroughs covered here except Staten Island.

Unlike many writers who have spent much time writing, I have had several careers and broad experiences. I think a person is a combination of the genes they are born with (for example, I will never have a shortage for words) and their experiences. One is beyond our control, while the other is much within our control. But only controlled if we choose to make things happen. It is a grand world we live in and the only thing that should hold back our efforts is when we run out of time.

Why a Renaissance Man as I titled this intro? I started studying science in college and would have gone to medical school if I hadn’t bombed the science part of the test required. I then worked as a pharmacist for a decade. When the guns were aimed at the staff in a drugstore I owned, I reconsidered my career choice. Coincidentally a Fortune 100 company came along and offered me a job in sales. I didn’t think I would enjoy that but came to enjoy weekends off and a company car and the fact that no one was shooting at me. I have been a personal coach and a public lector. I have taught classes and painted canvasses (acrylics).
I have played sports, from a childhood of stickball and handball and bowling to teens time on basketball and football to adulthood of softball and now golf and others in between. Scientist? Sports? The arts? Business?

From that shift I spent years in business, mostly in sales and marketing. I enjoyed marketing immensely as a mental strategic game against competitors. Like the competitive sports I grew up playing and loving. Then I made another shift in vocation to a full time writer. Non-fiction had been my focus during the parallel business career, but I knew I favored the idea of making stories up and telling them. I had been known for oral tales that entertained and thought I could apply this to the written word.
What have I done? I was a pharmacist. I was a businessman and healthcare executive. I was a sports coach and a minister in church. Most importantly I am a husband and father. I am a writer and public policy critic. I am a golfer.
What do I believe? Personal integrity comes first. I am a strong family man. I believe in God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I believe in the golden rule. I believe a person should do what is right regardless of other influences or needs. I believe a person owns the life they help create and that education and hard work are basic to success. I believe that persistence is the key to most success.
I have always enjoyed traveling and have more time now to enjoy visits to places I haven’t seen. I have been in 44 of the 50 US states. I’d like to make that 50 for some inexplicable reason.
If you see me this won’t come as a surprise – I love to eat. I am 6 feet 2 inches and hit the scales at 250. My mother would say I have big bones. I admit to no hormonal cause other that loving food. I can appreciate anything good from an Egg McMuffin to a Ruth’s Chris steak.
What interest me? I love writing – to see the words fill empty space makes me feel complete and when I don’t write I feel an annoying absence in my day. I have written a monthly business magazine column and newspaper health column. I have written short stories and novels. I have written a memoir about a health scare. I attempted a couple of stage plays. I have written an outline of my marketing experience as director of Prozac, an antidepressant. I love to read, averaging 70 books a year and I’d love to share with you and hear about your favorites as I am always seeking a great book to read. Bestseller lists don’t satiate that hunger.
Unlike some intellectuals, I admit I watch television and enjoy sports. I prefer shows that involve a murder, whether true or fiction. But I was also a huge Broadway fan when I lived in NYC.
Why do I write? Besides liking the process before the blank page and feeling it is what I was intended to do, there is more. When I gave speeches and lead groups in business, what I always savored was looking at the audience and being able to impact that response, whether it was laughter or motivation or empathy for the sick people helped by medicines. I like to see people respond. Hearing people say they liked a character I created or enjoy the story they read is a thrill for me. It is another world for me to pursue for the remainder of my days. Done the science, done the business, done the sports. Now what was always a parallel but somewhat secondary role now has come to a blossoming stage to come front and center. I plan to focus on novels that I would enjoy reading that offer true hope for tomorrow to the reader. I savor the future with this new chapter of my life.

Perhaps psychologically reacting to when my short story was selected for my high school yearbook was a premonition of my ongoing battle between a love of writing and books against a pragmatic business role to pay the rent. The avocation linked with the vocation, as witnessed by my national business column and weekly healthcare advice articles. Even in my business career, my favorite roles were in marketing that focused on mental health issues. Reading an average of seventy books a year balanced between fiction and non-fiction combined with writing regularly with an advanced marketing education gives me unique qualifications to create interesting well told stories.

While all people are unique, like singer-songwriters who often better interpret their creations, the author who has created the story and lived in the locations can perhaps better convey the conflicts and issues involved. When Killers Collide shows that truth.

While reading on Wrightsville Beach, the author was startled to see military helicopters regularly flying along the peaceful beachfront. He wondered why this occurred almost daily. His initial intrigue expanded when studying the coastal proliferation of military and where terrorists might target. Watching the Cape Fear pageantry triggered a “what if?” Having previously studied the motivations of individual killers, the author imagined these two concepts combined that evolved into WKC. The long enjoyed security on native soil faces real threats from various sources. Tom believed writing a book that highlights this danger would inspire many people to read it. The author also observes much of fiction portrays a single superhero who overcomes many villains without support. The reality of police procedures and business success taught him that one person often drives the success, but many contribute to outcomes. “All of us is better than one of us.” The triumph of good versus evil might inspire people in a cynical time to accept that together we can protect ourselves from those that would destroy a country if we work together. WKC is a really good story offering hope in a time of repeated negative stories of national decline.


14 thoughts on “About Tom”

  1. When Killers Collide:
    by Tom Olsinski
    Reviewed by H. Swallow, Wilmington, NC 2/24/2016
    Good murder mystery novel that takes place in a community that I live in, Wilmington, North Carolina. The fact that I knew all the locations described in the book made me feel closer to the action, even though the action wasn’t always pleasant. It’s a page turner that doesn’t reveal the outcome until the very end. I hope the author continues to write other mysteries, possibly using Wilmington and some of the main characters he developed in this novel. I enjoyed the read and recommend it to murder mystery fans.

  2. Good afternoon Mr. Olsinki! I am writing on behalf of the American Association of University Women -Wilmington and would like to contact you about speaking with our group. Our president was very enthused about your recent radio program on your new book. Could you message me your contact information so I can provide additional background and information?
    Suzanne Martin

    1. Hello, Suzanne Martin! First of all, let me apologize for this delayed response to your inquiry. Just some website challenges on my part with the publisher. The best way to reach me is at taolsin770@gmail.com with additional background and information. I have spoken to many groups over the years, but few so far on my novel When Killers Collide. I look forward to your message!
      Tom Olsinski

      1. Just sent you an email to your address! Thanks so much for your response. I hope we can make this work!


        1. Hello Suzanne. I just received a message from Pomegranate Books that they can’t seem to be able to purchase my book to stock and sell for the upcoming event at AAUW. I don’t understand this process as Barnes & Noble in Mayfaire (where I did an early book signing) had the book and reordered and restocked. I’m not sure what the issue is, but I will do all I can to make sure my book is at the event Nov. 5. I am reaching out to the publisher Pegasus Books in California for help also. Regards

  3. Hello Tom
    I am writing from Pomegranate Books. We are trying to purchase your book from your publisher for your upcoming AAUW event and they do not answer the phone or have voicemail.
    Can you help us out?

    Thank you,
    Kathleen Jewell

    1. Hello! Thanks for trying to purchase my book for the AAUW event. I assume this is When Killers Collide? (Death by RX is also available and in my bio). The publisher of WKC is Pegasus Books in California (There is another Pegasus in NYC but they are not connected). I have texted my editor about the issue and will follow up with a phone call. Don’t you buy books from a wholesaler or some intermediary? Do you deal directly with every publisher? Pegasus had the book available to buy off the shelf in places like Barnes&Noble, and I didn’t think they were direct buys from Pegasus. Not my area of knowledge. I will help you any way I can.
      Tom Olsinski

    1. Hello Virgil!
      I think you will really like “Attack of the Lambs” released on Amazon in February. Let me know!

  4. When will you have your book in an audio format? That’s how I read books these days! Only have time to read fiction when I’m walking! Looking forward to “reading” this one.

    1. Hello Vivian!
      I will need to look into this format with Amazon. Focus for now is on the e-book and paperback. A professional narrator for an audiobook may be an economic issue. But, I will look into it. Thanks for asking.
      See ya!

  5. I attend St. Mark’s also, noticed your small advertisement in their Sunday Bulletin, purchased and enjoyed your book. Your story was riveting and I stayed awake for hours one evening until the story was concluded. I hope you do a series of similar “evilness of modern day human slavery” and “the forces of good” who attempt to minimize this horrible reality.

    I am finishing a non-fiction manuscript and would like to learn who you employed to do the interior formatting, etc. technical details, etc. prior to delivery to the Amazon platform.

    Home444-1490 cell262-5252

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