I believe that many issues in social interaction, global conflict and business result from simply a lack of clear communication. If people would talk more openly and honestly to each other, many conflicts could be avoided.

How often have you heard the excuse “I didn’t know what you wanted?” Clarity of communication comes first and then as important – check for understanding. What did I just ask you to do?

Through my business career I truly enjoyed giving speeches to groups – an expedient method to get the message across. Whether it was motivating a group to sell or explaining a new strategy, this was a successful method. Years after one such speech I was stopped at an airport by someone who still recalled my speech from several years earlier. That was rewarding.

Teaching classes to help young people perform, giving lectures at several large business schools, and one-on-one coaching were all part of my business experience that I truly enjoyed. The accolades I received for leadership I can attribute to organization and people connectivity, but also to communication.

It’s not about reading a written speech or teleprompter – it is about talking with the audience and connecting with their dreams and passions by looking them in the eye! It also come from caring for the people that you lead, not for what they can do for you but from a human compassion and requirement of great leadership.

This guy knew how to communicate –

President Ronald W. Reagan
President Ronald W. Reagan