Our Lady of Fatima, McClancy High School and Fordham University was where I was formally educated.


Wharton, Duke, Northwestern, Babson, Harvard, and USC was where I attended executive business programs to enhance my science education with business knowledge.

Living a life was where I like to say I earned my MBL – a Masters in Life. I am proud to have been described as self-educated. I attribute that to much reading of current events, and listening to many smart people I have been fortunate to encounter in my life.

New York City was where I was born and raised. My first jobs were here and I learned much about life.


I also attended a semester course on fiction writing at UNCW. Thanks Karen Bender and Philip Gerard!

I appreciate the genes I inherited that included a continual thirst for learning that I expect will never end until my last breath, and then I expect to see another world!