I was born in Manhattan and raised in New York City. Living mostly in Queens, attending school in the Bronx and working in Brooklyn, I guess you could say I am a New Yorker even though I haven’t lived there in a long time. As Neil Diamond once wrote in the song I Am I Said, ”New York’s my home but it ain’t mine no more.”

My parents, brother and I lived in a one bedroom apartment In Jackson Heights through most of my childhood. We could see the Empire State building at the far end of 32nd Avenue, the busy street on which we lived. I considered Central Park nearby and would take the train into NYC to go to Macy’s for their stamp collecting section. I can recall stirring ketchup into hot water to make a soup at the cafeteria. And the crackers were free.

I have been fortunate with a wife partner married shortly after our college graduation. We have been blessed with three wonderful children.