FANtastic love of sports Yankees, Phillies, NY Giants FB, Mets, Jets.

Maybe it comes down to your upraising. If a parent loves sports, likely you will too. My dad loved sports and was passionate. He was a Yankees fan, so I rooted for the Brooklyn Dodgers. When they left Brooklyn I rooted for the worst team in baseball (then as now) the Philadelphia Phillies. Over time and relocations I realized I was also a Yankee fan. Living near Shea Stadium made me a Mets fan until they wouldn’t give Tom Seaver 200K and for a while they were disfavored.  I have always been a New York Giants football fan.

I worked with people once who said they wouldn’t allow their children to play sports as it was culturally beneath them. As if sports were bad. I think they were wrong. The physical enhancement of sports aside, I think there is much to learn that carries over into many aspects of life. The sharing and teamwork and respect carryover into the workplace and home.

Sure, you can become too fanatic about a team etc. But I can recall various stages with my children where we rooted for a team and celebrated their victory (read NY Giants Super Bowls). What joy and exultation. Irreplaceable. I can recall my children playing and winning and enjoying the game. I am happy to know a joy at a ninth inning home run or a long TD pass of a favorite team. Relatively cheap thrills.