I grew up in Jackson Heights, New York. Not many dirt fields so sports like handball, basketball and bowling were commonly played and enjoyed. At a low level I was pretty good in baseball and football. In college I technically made the bowling team but quit when I found out where the competitions occurred. Baseball tryouts interfered with lab classes. I hurt my back playing football so I coached. But I played softball. I would later play softball on industrial teams that travelled about playing other such teams. I was a third baseman until a line drive almost took off my hat and I accepted that first base was better for someone with my reflexes.

Now I play at golf. I have had two holes in one, which only proves the cliché that a blind squirrel can find acorns. I have a love-hate relationship with golf. Sometimes during the same 18 holes I can self-talk that I am quitting this game and a few holes later appreciate playing. And so it will continue I guess….