I read an average of 70 books a year and usually try to balance fiction with non-fiction titles. I read two books at the same time, similarly balanced.

Although I played sports, I have always been an avid reader. I recall someone told my mother that I was a “bookworm’. For a while during busy parenting and work years I drifted to like a dozen books read a year. Then I realized you don’t get time for what you love, you make time. So I carved out reading time since I loved reading.

The fiction genres I most like are those that involve murder and intrigue. Murder mysteries, crime, noir and thrillers are where I tend to choose. In non-fiction I tend toward history, true crime and biographies. But if a topic sounds intriguing that refers to somewhere we may be travelling, I go there. As a writer I also choose topics that I may be covering in my next novel. So, it’s work research and fun!