Tom’s Personal

Education family and pets.

I consider education far beyond a structured school classroom. I learned more traveling to college via the subways and working at night in a drugstore than I learned in the classroom. I think it continues in life as learning through everyday existence. So much knowledge is free in the library and now on the internet, that anyone uneducated owns that through their own lack of effort. Just my opinion. Seek knowledge and it is yours.

Family is key to a happy life. Where you are raised and who you connect with are critical. I think family extends beyond the gene pool and incorporates those individuals you link with in life. As my friend Lou Saulino would say – “framily.”

Growing up in New York City in an apartment excluded any pets. After marriage we had some birds and then a dog Pepper. When children came we added several a wonderful cat Scarlet. Animals bring you out of your interior focused self awareness and add value to your life.