Tom’s Sports

I think I have always been interested in sports. I was a dichotomy as a child – I wore eyeglasses and got good grades and read books, so to some today I would be called a nerd, BUT I also participated and was good at playing sports, like baseball, football and basketball. It confused the scholarly types and the jocks that I could thrive in each world. In Queens we often played on cement so handball and stickball were also commonly played.

I hurt my back in college and ended up coaching football, an invaluable experience. When our children were growing up I helped coach them, mostly in basketball and even soccer.

I played on a travel softball team until I was fifty years young and now play golf as often as I can. Mostly I watch baseball and NFL football and college basketball. Sports add so much to life, like the proverbial joy of victory and agony of defeat. I love it.