20150512_144503-2I love to visit various places. I have set foot in 44 of the 50 US states and recently focused on European tours. Once upon a time our trips focused on beach areas, especially when we lived in the Midwest not near any water. Now we are at the beach every week, so trips are to places we haven’t yet visited and really want to see.

The last few years we hit Italy (from Naples to Venice), Poland (from Warsaw to Gdansk) and France (from Paris to Normandy beaches). Tours included many cities, often living out of suitcases. I would prefer to have someone carry us around in luxury but finances don’t allow that. We are fortunate to see and experience what we have done.


There is so much to see and experience in the world. So many wonderful people and foods! I highly recommend everyone to travel as you can, even if it’s a drive in your own state. Even it’s the historical restored villages our children said we were always going to. Italy is a truly beautiful country with great food and friendly people.

Despite all my travels, there is one place I always love. The beach.









We use the Rick Steve’s books for economical options and first hand references. We also use the Trip Advisor reviews to read what others think if there are quantitative reports.

Don’t get me started on airlines….