When Killers Collide


 NEWS:  Released October, 2015 from Pegasus Books Publishing.

When Killers Collide

by Tom Olsinski

What if a serial killer and terrorist plot were active simultaneously in the same beach town? The action packed novel When Killers Collide answers how do you stop a rapacious killer and subvert domestic terrorists?

The gruesome methodology found in a killing field in Indiana reappears in North Carolina as the sexually obsessed killer has re-emerged. What begins as a search for a missing woman uncovers a serial killer and unravels a plot to destroy a city. As victims appear, the paths to murder converge. The outcome is intriguing and unpredictable, as Harry Powell drives to stop killers, profiteers and terrorists. This is a powerful and inventive tale with an original story line. Conflict between compelling characters captivate readers in page turning actions. Unique crisscrossed story lines culminate in a dynamic cinematic conclusion.


When Killers Collide follows a treacherous conflict between those with a genealogy that drives killing and those who choose to eliminate anyone who stands in their way. When Killers Collide combines the resurrection of a hero, prolongation of a savage killer, terrorism from within, and machinations that manipulate a crisis into financial gain.

Does group loyalty supersede personal integrity? Can we escape our past to control who we become? What happens when killers collide?


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